Wednesday 10 December 2014

Wallcreepers at Škocjanske jame

Wallcreeper Tichodroma muraria
Velika Dolina - the biggest doline in the Karst (164 m deep) with the river Reka running on the bottom. One Wallcreeper was usually seen on the large cliff faces to the right.
The village of Betanja, with part of the "Wallcreeper cliffs" and mt. Snežnik in the distance.
The Snežnik plateau. Snežnik actually means "snowy mountain"...and today it was.
Crisp, sunny and cold day on the Karst. I visited the limestone cliffs at the Škocjan caves (Škocjanske jame) which produced two WALLCREEPERS Tichodroma muraria, four Ravens Corvus corax, a few Rock Buntings Emberiza cia and little else. The area is a known wintering site for Wallcreepers, where there's a lot of good habitat for the species. Actually a Wallcreeper winter paradise.