Tuesday 27 June 2017

Butterflies of western Slovenia

Having the opportunity to visit a large variety of different habitats in June, we produced a quite good checklist of butterfly species. We thus decided to dedicate an entire post to this highly diverse and colourful group. The following collection of photos represents the best you can get from dry Karstic grasslands, meadows on higher altitudes and wooded areas around our home. We have to mention that some pics were taken in the house garden too. The last part of the post is dedicated to some common longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae) that we found mostly on flowering Umbellifers (Apiaceae) in woodland habitats. As we are still learning butterflies and don't have a deep knowledge of this group, we mostly mention only the species' names and locations.
Large Chequered Skipper Heteropterus morpheus, Slovenian Karst.
Marbled White Melanargia galathea, Trieste Karst.
Large Wall Brown Lasiommata maera, Trieste Karst.
Wall Brown Lasiommata  megera, Trieste Karst.
Woodland Brown Lopinga achine, Mt. Slivnica (Notranjska). 
Protected and Habitats Directive species.
Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria, Trieste Karst.
Silver-washed Fritillary Argynnis paphia, Slovenian Karst.
Dark Green Fritillary Argynnis aglaja, Southern edge of Trnovski gozd.
Swallowtail Papilio machaon, Southern edge of Trnovski gozd.
Scarce Swallowtail Iphiclides podalirius, Southern edge of Trnovski gozd.
Clouded Apollo Parnassius mnemosyne, Mt. Slivnica (Notranjska).
A scarce butterfly of mountain pastures; Protected and Habitats Directive species.
Black-veined White Aporia crataegi, Slovenian Karst.
Southern White Admiral Limenitis reducta, Trieste Karst.
Sooty Copper Lycaena tityrus, Slovenian Karst.
Purple-edged Copper Lycaena hippothoe, Mt. Slivnica (Notranjska).
Small Copper Lycaena phlaeas, Southern edge of Trnovski gozd.
Pearly Heath Coenonympha arcania, Slovenian Karst.
Chestnut Heath Coenonympha clycerion, Mt. Slivnica (Notranjska).
Purple Hairstreak Neozephyrus (Quercusia) quercus, Slovenian Karst.
Blue-spot Hairstreak Satyrium spini, Southern edge of Trnovski gozd.
Woodland Ringlet Erebia medusa, Slovenian Karst.
Great Sooty Satyr Satyrus ferula, Southern edge of Trnovski gozd.
Rare butterfly of dry stony meadows; Red List species in Slovenia.

Painted Lady Vanessa cardui, Southern edge of Trnovski gozd.
Glanville Fritillary Melitaea cinxia, Slovenian Karst.
Marsh Fritillary Euphydryas aurinia, Mt. Nanos.
Protected, Red List and Natura 2000 species.
Scarce Fritillary Euphydryas maturna, Mt. Slivnica (Notranjska).
Protected, Red List and Natura 2000 species.
Twin-spot Fritillary Brenthis hecate, Slovenian Karst.
Knapweed Fritillary Melitaea phoebe, Slovenian Karst.
Nickerl's Fritillary Melitaea aurelia, Slovenian Karst.
Red List species in Slovenia.
Spotted Fritillary Melitaea didyma, Southern edge of Trnovski gozd.
Weaver's Fritillary Clossiana (Boloria) dia, Slovenian Karst.
Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae, Mt. Slivnica (Notranjska).
Comma Butterfly Polygonia c-album, Trnovski gozd.
Peacock Butterfly Inachis io, Southern edge of Trnovski gozd.
Wood White Leptidea sinapis, Trieste Karst.
Large Skipper Ochlodes venatus, Trieste Karst.
Common Blue Polyommatus icarus, Slovenian Karst.
Small Blue Cupido minimus, Slovenian Karst.
Protected and Red List species in Slovenia.
Marbled White Melanargia galathea Large Skipper Ochlodes venatus, Slovenian Karst.
"Carniolan Burnet" Zygaena carniolica, Slovenian Karst.
Burnet Zygaena sp., Slovenian Karst.
Nine-spotted Moth Amata phegea, Trieste Karst.
Longhorn beetle mix (Cerambycidae) - 3 species on the same flower, Trieste Karst.
Leptura (Rutpela) maculata, Trieste Karst.
Stenurella melanura, Trieste Karst.
Corymbia (Paracorymbia) maculicornis, Trieste Karst.
Stenurella nigra, Trieste Karst.
Stenurella bifasciata, Trieste Karst.
Gaurotes virginea (left) & Stenurella melanura (right), Trnovski gozd.
Karst's meadows, rich in biodiversity and butterflies.