Friday 28 March 2014

Glinščica valley

Biscutella laevigata - typical plant of the limestone screes
Coronilla emerus ssp. emeroides
Glinščica waterfall
Upper course of the Glinščica stream
Scorzonera austriaca
Thlaspi praecox
Austropotamobium pallipes
Took a stroll in the Glinščica valley/Val Rosandra this afternoon. On the bird front the highlights included 4 singing Blue Rock Thrushes (2 seen), 1 Raven, Rock Bunting and a few Grey Wagtails. Looked hard for any breeding Dippers, but failed to find them.
The other day I had a fly-by Marsh Harrier and Kestrel over the house. At least one Willow Warbler is still in the garden (singing), while the occasional Swallow or House Martin is seen passing by.
On Wednesday in Škocjanski zatok NR the 2 Little Gulls were still present in the freshwater marsh, together with the seasonal mix (incl. 2 Garganeys). Two fly-by Yellow Wagtails were new for the year.