Wednesday 9 April 2014

A heavy dose of spring in the vein

Male Cuckoo Cuculus canorus - the first I see this year
Corn Bunting Miliaria calandra
Orchis morio (left), Pulsatilla montana (center), Alyssum montanum (right)
Orchis morio in two colour varieties
Narcissus poeticus
Vicia grandiflora
Globularia punctata
Globularia cordifolia
Pulsatilla montana
Pleasant spring afternoon spent on the Slovenian Karst. Lots of wildflowers on the meadows and several good spring birds like Cuckoo (at least 3), Hoopoe (1 singing), Cirl & Corn Bunting, Skylark & Woodlark, Lesser Spotted, Green and Black Woodpecker (4 of the latter). A massive female Goshawk chasing a Woodpigeon was also a good sight. The most satisfying encounter was that with one of the three singing Cuckoos - a bird perched on the top of a high oak (above). Spotted after a long stalk through the woodlands. Success at the end!

Yesterday at Škocjanski zatok I also had my first Nightingales of the year. At least 3 birds were singing in the hedges. One also showed briefly.
The lonely Common Crane was still present in the freshwater marsh, but it flew north-east in the late morning. One Little Gull was still around. Otherwise more or less the usual seasonal birds.