Saturday 26 January 2019

5 million Bramblings in Slovenia!

Slovenia is witnessing an incredible winter spectacle this year, as up to 5 million Bramblings Fringilla montifringilla gather every evening on a patch of forest only 5-10 hectares big, in the Zasavje region. Quite a lot has already been written about this amazing invasion, so we'll avoid repeating and keep our words short. You can read the full accounts here or here. An excellent video recorded by DOPPS - BirdLife Slovenia can be watched here.
This event is so exceptional that we couldn't miss it, so yesterday we payed our tribute to the mega flock. We observed the "river" of Bramblings flowing past our heads and later gathering at their roost. Needles to say, trees were completely covered with Bramblings and the noise was overwhelming!