Saturday 17 February 2018


This year we are cooperating with a local tour operator for the organization of some wildlife tours to Slovenia. For spring and summer 2018 there are four tours in program. Anyone interested in taking part to the tours can take a look below for the details and booking.

1. WOW TOUR - Woodpeckers, Owls & Wallcreepers. An early spring birding tour in the Notranjska region, concentrating on some interesting forests species such as Three-toed, Middle Spotted and White-backed Woodpecker, Ural Owl and others. Wintering Wallcreepers will still be possible to observe on the limestone cliffs of the Notranjska and Primorska regions. More info and detailed program at: BOOK SOON - booking open until the end of February.

2. WILD SLOVENIA: Birds, Bears & Botany. A more general wildlife tour that will see us looking for birds in the Notranjska forests, at Cerknica lake, in the dry karstic meadows and at wetlands along the Slovene coast. During our trips we will also pay attention to the interesting and endemic flora of the region and see several species of wild orchids. From specifically-built photography hides we will have the chance to observe Brown Bears in their natural habitat. More info and detailed program at:

3. SPRING TOUR IN THE DINARIC MOUNTAINS. A general wildlife tour to the Notranjska region, looking for birds like Common Rosefinch, Barred Warbler (photo above), Corncrake, White-tailed Eagle and rare plants such as the endemic Carniolan Primrose Primula carniolica. We will visit a vast array of habitats: from wetlands and wet meadows, to mixed forests and dry grasslands. 

4. SUMMER TOUR IN THE ALPS. The focus of this tour will be the varied wildlife that inhabits the Julian Alps. Among birds we will look for Snowfinch, Alpine Chough, Wallcreeper, Rock Partridge and Griffon Vulture. The beautiful alpine flora will be a constant presence during our trips and we will see rare plants like Campanula zoysii (photo above), Potentilla nitida, Physoplexis comosa and many others. Other typical mountain animals like Alpine Marmot, Alpine Ibex, Alpine Chamois and the rare Apollo Butterfly are also expected. 

For more wildlife tours to Slovenia see WILDSLOVENIA - TOURS