Wednesday 16 September 2015

Thematic galleries

As you may have noticed, recently I added to the blog some thematic galleries of my images, from different regions of Slovenia. Each photo-gallery comprises a selection of the most representative animals, plants and landscapes of Slovenia's main natural regions. For now there are three of them: Alps, Dinaric Mountains and the Karst (links also available on the bar to the right). These three together actually represent a good half of Slovenia and are the regions in which I'm most concentrated (thus so well documented). I'd like to think these galleries could serve as a sort of "collage postcard" to show in one place all the main natural attractions (mainly birds and plants) of Slovenia. In the future I might add some other galleries covering other regions/habitats too.
For viewing the photos in the best possible arrangement, I recommend switching to the smaller format - click on the central icon of these three, found in the top right corner of the page: