Saturday, 15 June 2013

Corncrake on the Karst

Yesterday evening I went to get some fresh air on the Karst. Visited both the Slovenian and Italian side. I waited dusk in an area of lush meadows (covered by impressive "carpets" of colorful wildflowers) while listening to the songs of: a QUAIL, no less than 6 Cuckoos (together), 1 Golden Oriole and a few Nightjars (total of 5 later).
In the hour before sunset I also managed to see 2 Hoopoes carrying food to their nest, +15 Red-backed Shrikes (really abundant here), Corn Buntings, Skylarks, 1 Wryneck (heard), Mistle Thrush and other commoner birds.
After dark I moved to an area on the Italian side where a CORNCRAKE has been holding territory for the past few weeks. As soon as I arrived, the bird was there, advertising its presence with the incessant and repetitive song. A good record for the Karst, where the species is rare due to the lack of good habitats.
The above photo is from last year's ringing session on Breginjski Stol.
Lush meadows before sunset
Black-veined White (Aporia crataegi) on Knautia illyrica