Saturday 3 March 2012

Slovenian Eagle Owl census

Yesterday the DOPPS (Birdlife Slovenia) organised an evening Eagle Owl census that took part all over the Slovenian Karst. There were about 50 groups of people/recorders scattered around the various potentially good areas. I was in group with two other friends and a site near the border with Italy was assigned to us. Just before the sunset we got to the spot and immediately had succes with a singing male Eagle Owl. The owl sang with different intervals from about 17.45 to at least 19.30. So we could confirm its presence on that site. By the time it was dark, we were also able to hear several migrating Teals (calling in the sky).
Later in the evening we had a meeting with all the other recorders (near the Park of Ć kocjanske jame) and gathered the datas. The Eagle Owl was found on 7 locations out of 49 (or something... I don't really remember).
We then had an informal meeting (let's say fun), late in the evening and went to bed (on site) quite late too.