Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer patch update

Wall Brown on Centaurea cristata
Local patch: everything is tuned to summer mode at the moment, so there's little around. This morning I was up on the cliffs where the SUBALPINE WARBLER delivered a few notes of its song - a sign that the birds are still in the area and they are probably breeding. I didn't manage to see it though. Sylvias are quite difficult to observe in this season.
The situation was otherwise pretty calm with just 2 singing Rock Buntings (also 1 juv. seen), a Honey Buzzard and a Goshawk overhead. The latter was a welcome sight as it was quite a while now from my last one in the patch. Also around were a Coal and a Crested Tit and Common and Alpine Swifts. I didn't see any Blue Rock Thrushes, nor hear them, so it could be that they failed to breed this year in the area.
Golden Orioles are sometimes performing well at the woodland's edges and I had several observations of male birds chasing each other in the last couple of days (also 3 ind. together).
Meanwhile on the sea the Common Terns have appeared a few days ago (birds that finished breeding or non-breeders) and 2-3 individuals are regularly seen patrolling the coast. Also quite a lot of Shags around, especially at Miramare, where they are seen fishing in large "rafts".