Sunday, 2 June 2013

Subalpine Warbler breeding in the patch!

Local patch: been up on the cliffs today for a couple of hours in the late afternoon. I was very pleased to find a singing male SUBALPINE WARBLER which is most probably breeding in the area (it probably did so also last year). The bird showed briefly for a few minutes and sang in a bush down on the steep rocky slope beneath the cliffs. It was very difficult to follow when it moved through the thick vegetation, so I soon lost it (see above). I then heard it singing for a couple more times.
It is an excellent find that documents the breeding activity of the bird in this area. And by the way it is also a patch year-tick - species number 108.
Subalpine Warbler breeding habitat with the city of Trieste in the far background

Orlaya grandiflora now in full bloom
Alpine Swift
Other birds around the cliffs included the usual and very noisy Alpine Swifts (+12), Common Swifts, 2 Rock Buntings (1 singing), 1 male Black Redstart, 1 Golden Oriole, Nightingale, Marsh & Coal Tit and so on. No sign of the Blue Rock Thrush though.

On Friday night I had saw my first Beech Marten of the year, crossing a road on the Karst. Always nice to see.