Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Golden Oriole for breakfast

Local patch: I heard a singing Golden Oriole this morning (as I do quite frequently these days) so I went out on the terrace to see if I could find it perched somewhere. And indeed a very handsome male was sitting on the top of some dead trees, delivering its song. It stayed there for just a few minutes (above) before taking off and flying towards the broadleaved woodland. A very pleasant encounter that brightens up these dull days of very hot temperatures when little else is to be seen around.
A Serin though began to sing a few days ago and I can now hear it on a daily basis.

On Monday I had my monthly Shag roost count on the border between Slovenia and Italy and scored a total of 406 Shags. Not bad. The buoys also held a good roost of Common Terns with up to 60 birds counted in the few minutes before dark. Quite an impressive number. Of note was also an immature Mediterranean Gull, a singing Cirl Bunting in the neighbouring farmland and a Scops Owl in the evening.