Thursday, 16 May 2013

Local Cuckoo

Local patch: it's been a calm week and I have nothing really brilliant to report, although a singing Cuckoo is present in the neighbourhood. From home I can now hear a bird calling in the nearby woodland almost every day, usually in the evening. It's the first singing Cuckoo in the patch this year, so I'm quite glad. The only other Cuckoo I had here was the one on 1st April.
If I'd be out on my balcony every day then I'd probably see Honey Buzzard also on a daily basis. Two days ago I had a female gliding past the woodland and the species is now quite regular in the patch's airspace. Also a female Kestrel flew by the other day. Otherwise pretty much the same with Alpine Swifts and the pair of Ravens providing the greatest entertainment during balcony-birding.
Nightingales and Black Redstart still tuned in to turbo mode.