Tuesday, 26 March 2013

First Short-toed Eagle of the season

Local patch: today that the worst of winter was more or less over and the sun shone out once again, I had the chance for some vis migging. It was quite rewarding as one of the first birds I spotted was a SHORT-TOED EAGLE - my first this year. With peaceful soars it worked its way high up above the coast. Trying to change position with the scope I soon lost it somewhere in the sky and couldn't find it again. So I don't know where it headed to.
Today the thrush movement seemed to be doubled with still good numbers of Song Thrushes coming in from the sea and heading Karst-wards. During the whole day I estimated about 50 birds (seen). There were also loads of Chaffinches on migration and several stopped to feed on the snow-covered lawn. This gathering of finches soon attracted a pair of other more interesting visitors: two Cirl Buntings (male and female) which fed on the lawn for several minutes.
Also around today was the female Kestrel which frequently passed over the house and was also seen with a prey in the claws.
Four House Martins flying SE were also of note, along with the first Chiffchaff in a while (in the garden), 2 Black Redstarts and 1 Rock Bunting (garden on the edge of the woodland).
I then rounded up the day with 6 Grey Herons migrating above the sea at sunset.
I would like to say that the above Short-toed Eagle artwork is mine, but is not - thanks to Szabolcs Kokay.