Monday, 11 February 2013

Crocus weldenii

And now a bit of a botanical post, as spring is really on its way and the first flowers are beginning to appear on the woodland's floor. Yesterday I went to look for a locally rare species of crocus called Crocus weldenii (Hoppe & Fürnrohr) which grows only on a few locations on the Karst plateau around Trieste. Otherwise it is also found in the Balkans (Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania). Above there are a few photos of it I took yesterday (usually with white petals or with some purple on the outer side).
And here a commoner species - Crocus reticulatus - also a first of the year (see the clearly striped outer sides of the petals):

By the way, this morning I was awakened at 6.00 am by a singing Blackbird - another undeniable sign of the incoming spring!