Saturday, 8 December 2012

Garden under the snow

Local patch: today I woke up to a wonderful sight - snow everywhere! During the night we had a good snowstorm with NE wind and by the morning there were something like 20 cm of snow on the ground. Quite a lot for a coastal standard! Needles to say, the birdfeeder proved to be essential for the birds in the garden. Up to 15-20 Chaffinches were present today on the lawn, with 5-10 House Sparrows and countless Great Tits. Also one or two Blue Tits on the fatballs and the usual Coal Tit - being quite regular now at the feeder.
But best of all were the small flocks of WOODLARKS flying over the gardens (and landing in some), driven down to the coast due to the snow-covered Karst. It happens almost always when it snows.
Another example of the hard-weather movement were FIELDFARES. In the morning I saw small, loose groups of birds flying along the ridge, heading SE. Also a fly-by Mistle Thrush was cool to see (increasingly regular now). A small non-identified object that flew over the house, could have possibly been a Redwing, but it was too far to identify properly. Pity!
Other birds recorded during the day included 1 Chiffchaff on the pine in the garden, 1 Raven along the karstic ridge, 2 Buzzards (one is the local wintering bird), 1 Hawfinch on a distant tree, then Dunnock, Robin, Blackbird ect.
 This is how the "feeder area" looked like today
 Great Tit
 Coal Tit
 Blue Tit & Chaffinch
 Blue Tit
 Sparrow mix & Chaffinch
 The local wintering Buzzard