Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Waxwing invasion 2008/2009

These are quite dull days... the only good thing I'm seeing are the photos of Waxwings literally everywhere on the net. So here are some shots of the magic Bombycillas I took in March 2009. The above photos are from the town of Udine, where I went to twitch a flock of +80 birds. I hope something similar happens again soon...
As I said, nothing truly exciting turned up these days. In the local patch just the more or less usual birds around including Coal Tits, Dunnocks, Black Redstarts, 1-2 Goldcrests (in the garden), Siskins going overhead (at times) and regular activity at the birdfeeder. The sea usually holds good numbers of Med Gulls, along with 1 or 2 Sandwich Terns and up to 4 Black-throated Divers. The other day, the Red-necked Grebe in the bay of Grignano was still present - it was closer, so I could notice it was still in complete breeding plumage! This evening 15 Cormorants migrating W were of note.
Today, on the way from Trieste to Koper I added Hawfinch to my (actually non-existing) check-list of "birds seen from the motorway".
Not enough for a true gratification... roll on Sunday!