Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fieldfares - an autumn's essence

The Karst just tuned to silent mode. Everything is so calm and the countryside looks quite empty. Apart from the odd Great Grey Shrike here and there, the thrushes seem to be the only other thing to enlighten the atmosphere. This afternoon a flock of 9 chatty FIELDFARES made my walk through the fields more pleasant. Almost at the same time, a Bullfinch gave its calls from a nearby patch of woodland... which was quite as good. It was my first truly karstic Bullfinch!
Now that we are almost in winter time, I'm really looking forward for some Fieldfares in the garden. A small invasion like last year's would be cool (see pic).
And by the way it would be really pleasant to hear a Northern Bullfinch or two. I still lack those.