Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cory's Shearwater - a brilliant image!

The other day I forgot to post this interesting image. On Saturday when I was trying to photograph the Yelkouans (see the black dots on the left side of the pic) another bird entered in the field of view. It is most probably one of the Cory's Shearwaters!

Škocjanski zatok NR: nothing really exciting today, but a couple of locally interesting birds were present. Two late House Martins flying above the marsh were a nice surprise. The sky was full of autumn birds going through - things like Skylarks, Chaffinches, Linnets, 4 Bramblings, +20 Water Pipits, flocks of Siskins and so on. A Woodlark flying over the lagoon was also noted.
Waders included a Dunlin in the lagoon, 2 Lapwings in the marsh, along with good numbers of Snipes and Curlews and the BAR-TAILED GODWIT was also still present, resting on the saltings.
Water levels in the lagoon were very high and the islands were nearly all flooded. There were good numbers of wildfowl (incl. 9 Pochards) and Coots numbered more than 700 individuals!
Low temperatures gave to the air a pretty wintery feel.

Local patch: a MISTLE THRUSH flying over the garden was good to see the other day. Not very regular here in suburban areas. I've also started to put out some sunflower seeds into the birdfeeder and I'm already having the first Great and Blue Tits. Coal Tits are always present around, but I didn't see them on the feeder yet.