Friday, 21 September 2012

Peregrine & Goshawk

Local patch: yesterday it's been a wonderfully clear and fresh day, with an easterly breeze and excellent visibility. Though I hadn't much time for a proper vis-mig session, I managed a quick look from the house for any passing birds.
The highlight was a PEREGRINE that arrived from NW following the Karstic ridge and soared for some minutes quite high over Barcola. Always an excellent sightings to do from home!
Almost at the same time also 3 Goshawks were in the air, performing some kind of aerial chase. They showed quite close when they dropped down from considerable height and chased each other just meters above the woodland's treetops.
Otherwise pretty calm now in the gardens and overhead. Big part of the hirundines seemed to be gone, as I haven't seen any in the last three days.
One or two Coal Tits are always around, along with the odd overflying Grey Wagtail. I think it's just a matter of days before we get the wintering and migrating Robins in the gardens. I'm also expecting to see some more Crossbills, Siskins and perhaps a Brambling.
In the meantime I'm going to have a bird-camp in nearby Slovenia for a week. So any posts will be published next weekend.
Of course I hope to see some amazing stuff. Stay tuned!

P.S. It's a bit freaky with this new blogger interface... I need to get used to it.