Thursday, 9 August 2012


Škocjanski zatok NR: more autumn migrants are moving through. This morning the passage was quite evident. Highlights included a Whinchat on the grazing marsh, a Garden Warbler in the hedges, 1 female/imm Kentish Plover in the far southern corner of the lagoon (first pic above), a fly-by juvenile Cuckoo (clearly a migrant) and a juvenile Marsh Harrier. Also quite good to see the first 2 returning Black-necked Grebes swimming in the lagoon (2nd pic above). The 3 juvenile Black Terns were still around as were most of the wader species. Other commoner birds included: 6 Night Herons, 2 Shovelers, +20 Teals (increasing), 5 Garganeys (even if in eclipse plumage, some were clearly males), 3 female Pochards, 1 male Tufted Duck, 7 Curlews, 15 Common, 7 Wood and 4 Green Sandpipers, 1 Common Redshank, 25 Greenshanks, 1 Snipe, 1 juv Med Gull, 7 Common Terns, 4 Yellow Wagtail, 1 Nightingale and decreasing numbers of Great Reed and Reed Warblers (the latter slightly more numerous now).
The reserve wardens have started to mow some parts of the freshwater marsh, so it'll be quite exciting and full of birds in the next weeks.
Here's an adult Night Heron with some buildings of the industrial area in the background. I like the composition: nature-industry