Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Rare and local stuff

This morning a friend of mine took me to the Red-rumped Swallow's area at Lisert to show me their nest. As we arrived on location it wasn't difficult lo locate it (second pic above). A couple of RED-RUMPED SWALLOWS were flying around and an adult seemed to enter the nest. Maybe the pair is raising a second brood...
In the wider area a very rare grasshopper was re-discovered years ago and this is one of the few locations where it can bee seen in the world! I didn't know the species so my friend showed me that as well. We managed to see two males of Zeuneriana marmorata (that's its name) but plenty others were singing all around us in the Juncus and reed vegetation. The grasshopper looks overall quite dark (blackish) with a pair of bronze-brown wings (see photo above). Here's a better pic of it (photographed in Slovenia).

Earlier in the morning I took a stroll along the Rilke path over the sea-cliffs of Devin-Duino. Two Sardinian Warblers were singing in their usual places and there were also two juvenile Blue Rock Thrushes on the crags, plus the usual Common Eiders at sea.
On the steep rocky slopes, just metres away from the sea I could also spot the characteristic Centaurea kartschiana - a plant that is endemic to this area of northeast Italy (see here). And that was a plant-lifer for me!
This is how it looks (taken from a local board):

Local patch: yesterday morning I confirmed the presence of "the" Subalpine Warbler on the cliffs of Monte Grisa. I heard a singing bird in the same area where it was seen in June, so probably it bred there. Now I just need to find the visual evidence (fledged juveniles). That would be a new breeding species in the patch!