Thursday, 19 July 2012

Calm again

Škocjanksi zatok NR: not very lively today in the marsh. I expected some more waterbirds to be present but the water levels were a bit high on the freshwater side, so there were no good muddy areas. Highlight of the morning included a Wryneck showing well in a hedge (migrant??), a juvenile Mediterranean Gull flying over the lagoon (one of the few times I see this species here), 6 Wood Sandpipers, 7 Common Sandpipers, 4 Curlews plus usual other waders, 3 Night Herons (sitting in the tamarisks) and 3 Little Bittern. Still around were the 6 Teals. Common Terns in the lagoon numbered 14 birds.

Local patch: highlights from yesterday included a Honey Buzzard gliding over the ridge, 1 female Sparrowhawk hunting the gardens and a nice juvenile Golden Oriole perched on a distant dead tree and singing. Later it gave some flight views as well.
In the evening I had a juvenile Scops Owl calling around the house and perching in full view on the TV aerials, poles and wires in front of my window. An adult was also singing nearby and showed briefly too.
The juvenile Common Buzzards in the nearby woodland have also fledged, because I now see 3 to 4 birds soaring over the house on a regular basis.

Pics above showing a sleepy Night Heron in Škocjanski zatok (note a bus passing by in the background!)