Monday, 4 June 2012

Nightjar deluxe!

Local patch: last night I had some great time with the Nightjars up on the cliffs. At dusk I was ready on the spot and the birds began to sing at 21.12 pm when there was still some light. As it got darker a bird materialised high up in the sky, then plunged down along the steep rocky slope. Later I saw one or two birds flying around like this repeatedly and one also sang from a nearby perch (dead branch) close to where I was positioned. In total there were at least 3 singing males. There was lot of wing-clapping as well and actually the sound that I heard most was the "chuik" call.
The whole astmosphere was really cool because of a nice big moon (not sure if full) and the view on the city of Trieste below (last pic above).

When the Nightjars stopped to sing I decided to change location and went to visit a few other spots around the Karst. Some were singing far, but some showed extremely well in flight and performed the "wing-clapping dance" quite frequently (see pics above).
Evening total of Nightjars was 9 singing birds. Other night songsters included lots of Nightingales and a Scops Owl.