Friday, 22 June 2012

Cliff specialities

Local patch: a few shots from this morning along the main path on the cliffs. I went to check if I could spot a Subalpine Warbler that was reported two weeks ago (it should be breeding in the area) but I failed. The Blue Rock Thrush was absolutely silent today, while a pair of Rock Buntings was delivering some food to the nestlings (still in the nest) - on a cliff-ledge about 2 meters above the path.
A male Honey Buzzard flew past a few times and gave excellent close views.
The Common and Alpine Swifts were entering their nest-holes on the cliff face as usual.

Earlier in the morning I was in Škocjanski zatok for the weekly monitoring, but failed to see anything of note. A Wood Sandpiper was nice to see, along with a group of 6 Teals - presumed breeders in the area. Then also usual numbers of Black-winged Stilts and Common Terns (no sign of any Little Tern) plus 2 male Little Bitterns flying past the screening.
Summer has arrived...

Pics above (top to bottom): Blue Rock Thrush, Honey Buzzard & Rock Bunting