Thursday, 5 April 2012

The first Hoopoe!

Today I saw my first HOOPOE of the year near Gorjansko, on the Slovene Karst. Actually I almost run over the bird with the car, when it landed in the middle of the road. I'd say a typical Hoopoe encounter with the bird rising the crest for a few seconds, then taking off and flying away in that butterfly-like fashion. Beautiful as always!
Near Komen I also got great views on a female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker calling from the top of a small tree. Otherwise a pretty grim day with a bit of rain an mist as well.

Local patch: yesterday evening I was quite surprised to find some mixed flocks of waterbirds on the sea. Two different monospecific flocks of 34 and 27 SHOVELERS (mostly males) and a flock of 38 WIGEONS (also here mostly were males). Nice to see this kind of gathering so lately in the season. They were probably on migration from some southern places (working their way north/east) and stopped on the sea during the rain. Great Crested Grebes numbered 17 birds and there was also a flock of 39 Black-necked Grebes in breeding plumage.
The above photo is from my old archive