Thursday, 19 April 2012

Great Egret - a scarce bird in the patch

Local patch: this evening I saw 3 GREAT EGRETS from home, flying S over the sea. Surprisingly this is only the second ever record of the species in my patch. Otherwise Great Egret is a common bird around our wetlands and lowlands. Above are two birds that flew past at 18.55, the other one flew S earlier in the evening. On the sea there was a gathering of about 50 breeding-plumaged Black-necked Grebes and 3 adult MEDITERRANEAN GULLS were flying around as well.
A Raven was soaring over the pine woodland and I also had single Swallow flying past. Today I also discovered that the resident male Black Redstart, which sings on a daily basis, is in fact a first summer bird. So it looks like a female! However there's another singing bird farther down in Barcola - probably belonging to another pair.