Monday, 16 April 2012

First Tawny Pipits & WOOD WARBLER

I spent the afternoon up on the Karst with a couple of other friends. Today we "opened" our season at the so-known grassland area of Campo Carri - the hot-spot for migrants and rarities. The walk along the path started with a beautiful WOOD WARBLER showing on a lime tree (first of the year!). There were also several Willow Warblers (+3) in the bushes, along with lots of Blackcaps and 4 Nightingales.
In the flowering hedges further down the path we discovered a male Subalpine Warbler - feeding around the white flowers and giving part of its song.
On the grassland in itself there were 3 TAWNY PIPITS (firsts of the year) and at least 3 female/imm Northern Wheatears. Two female Marsh Harriers passed overhead on migration and a Hobby made a short appearence as well.
Commoner resident birds included: Rock Bunting, Woodlark, Mistle Thrush, Raven, Marsh Tit, Black Redstart.
The above pic shows a Tawny Pipit I photographed on the Karst in 2007