Monday, 23 April 2012


"A usual stroll in the woodland" I thought this afternoon... but I was wrong. Having an unplanned business in Trieste, I took advantage of some free time an went in the park/woodland of Boschetto Cacciatore (aka Ferdinandeo). Here I was rewarded with a very rare passage migrant in Trieste: a male *COLLARED FLYCATCHER*. I glimpsed the bird up in the broadleaved canopy, thinking it was a male Pied Flycatcher. But when I looked through the bins... BANG! a white collar!! That was so cool. Unfortunately I could only watch it for a few seconds before it flew off in typical flycatcher speed. I then couldn't find it again. This is only the third record for the city of Trieste if I don't get wrong.
Checking randomly through my old notebooks I realised that I saw my first ever Collared Flycatcher 6 years ago on the same day - 23rd April! That was actually in Slovenia on its breeding grounds, but anyway it was my first.
In the woodland there was quite a lot of movement high up in the beautiful green canopy, with most birds being Blackcaps. Among them I also spotted 2 Willow Warblers and a female PIED FLYCATCHER - my first this year. And of course no Pied Flycatcher could be complete without its Phylloscopus counterpart: the WOOD WARBLER. I heard two different birds singing up in the trees.
Apart from that there was also a calling Cuckoo and a confident Hoopoe showed well on the woodland floor just 5 meters away from me. Other commoner birds included all sort of tits, a Nightingale, Nuthatch, Green Woodpecker (feeding on a lawn!) ect.
House Martins and Common Swifts were on the wings overhead.
It's spring again in the city...magic!
The above illustration is by Szabolcs Kokay