Saturday, 17 March 2012

Time for moving on (and a Sardinian surprise)

Local patch: there's a good movement of Common Gulls going on these days. In the morning a flock of about 30 birds was migrating N,NW over Monte Grisa (first pic above). On the sea a numerous flock is gathering every evening - usually forming a big "thermal" rising very high up in the sky. The noisy calls are constantly audible (also from my home). Some of the birds (several flocks) seem to be regularly migrating N or NE after the sunset. This is the peak time for Common Gulls in the patch as they are leaving our areas for the breeding quarters.
This morning I also spotted the first Nettle-tree Butterfly on Monte Grisa (second pic above - with Miramare's castle in the background), along with a stunning Dalmatian Algyroides. Bird-wise it was quite poor, with just 2 Rock Buntings, 1 Raven and 10 Garganeys spotted far at sea. A flock of 15-20 Garganeys was then present in the evening (seen from home).
The best bird of the day was actually in the garden: a beautiful male SARDINIAN WARBLER - just the second record for the garden! The bird was seen for a few seconds, perching on a small cypress, but it gave clear views out in the open (not as you usually see it!). It gave no calls this time.
Later a flock of 31 Cormorants flew westwards over the sea... A nice end of the day!