Monday, 12 March 2012

Migration in the local patch

Local patch: despite the above picture (taken on Saturday) there were no Mute Swans on the sea today. Instead there was a quite big raft of gulls, just in front of the shore, not too far from land. Among the Black-headed Gulls, I counted at least 55 Common Gulls. In the late morning a flock of 19 Garganeys joined the gulls and remained in the area till 13.00. They were quite far, but at times I could see the characteristic display of some males.
This was one of those typical flocks of migrating ducks that gather on the sea for some days during March.
Migration was visible in the air too when a flock of 26 Cormorants flew NE at 13.00 (in straight line).
Over the pine woodland 1 Raven was of note, along with a soaring Buzzard and a female Sparrowhawk.