Sunday, 12 February 2012

FIELDFARES feasting on kaki

Local patch: today I finally discovered where all the Fieldfares come from (or in fact go to)... Just a few hundred meters behind my house, at the woodland's edge, there's a kaki tree with plenty of fruits still on. Yesterday I was seeing a flock sticking around that area, so today I decided to investigate. I reached the last house at the wood's edge and there it was: a kaki tree teeming with Fieldfares! At one time there were at least 35 birds on the tree and many others nearby (pics above). In total I estimated a flock of about 50-60 individuals. There was a real feeding frenzy in that garden with lots of Starlings too and some Blackcaps feasting on the kaki fruits. The noisy Fieldfares were quite aggressive towards other birds and were contending the tree for themselves. Two videos can be found here and here. Nearby also a calling Mistle Thrush, a Hawfinch and a Cirl Bunting delivering a short song.
During the day several mixed flocks of Fieldfares and Starlings flew over my house as well.
A true winter spectacle!