Thursday, 15 December 2011

Winter time in the local patch

Local patch: few days ago three Red-throated Divers were reported on the sea near Miramare, so this afternoon I spent half an hour in the area, trying to find them. The weather conditions seemed good for something special, with a stiff, cold breeze blowing from the sea. When I arrived I quickly spotted the two "usual" Red-throated Divers, fishing in the same stretch of water as always (above). But there was no sign of the third... Quite farther offshore there was a Black-throated Diver though and a GREAT CRESTED GREBE (the first of the season for the patch!). The local Red-necked Grebe was also swimming around in the waves and 2 Black-necked Grebes were nearby.
Despite the quite choppy sea, all the gulls (usually roosting on the quay) decided that staying in the water was a better idea. Thus views on the Black-headed Gulls were quite bad and distant, so I couldn't check them properly. The first Common Gulls of the season should be already here by now...
The garden instead is getting livlier now, with lots of birds coming to feed on the sunflower seeds I put out. Lots of Great Tits, with a few Blue Tits, several Chaffinches on the ground, Dunnock, occasional Wren and Blackcap also heard. A Goldcrest (or maybe two) is heard/seen on a daily basis too.