Saturday, 31 December 2011


Summerising the top 2011 bird highlights in words (chronologically):
-Merlin: stunning male - Škocjanski zatok on 29th February
-Red-breasted Goose: Terranova, 13th February
-Lesser White-fronted Goose: Isola della Cona, 19th February
-Yellow Wagtail, superciliaris ssp: Škocjanski zatok, 18th March
-SHORT-EARED OWL: top 2011 highlight - Lazaret (Ankaran), 3rd April
-Woodchat Shrike: male at Campo Carri, 29th April
-Black-eared Wheatear: male and female at Campo Carri on 29th April
-Rock Thrush: female at Campo Carri, 30th April
-Rose-coloured Starling: Isola della Cona, 30th May
-Collared Pratincole: Isola della Cona, 30th May
-Black Grouse: 4 birds + nest, mount Oisternig, 10th June
-Long-legged Buzzard: Cornino, 11th June
-Yelkouan Shearwater: local patch, 18th June
-Black-headed Bunting: Croatia, 22nd June
-Northern Gannet + Yelkouan Shearwater: local patch, 24th June
-Grasshopper Warbler: Škocjanski zatok, 26th August
-Bluethroat: 7 in a morning, Škocjanski zatok, 2nd September
-EURASIAN DOTTEREL: top 2011 highlight, mount Vremščica, 6th September
-Bar-tailed Godwit: first record for Škocjanski zatok, 9th September
-Dipper: Planina, 22nd September
-Spotted Crake: Škocjanski zatok, 23rd September
-Pallid Swift: local patch, 22nd October
-Moustached Warbler: Škocjanski zatok, 28th October
-Tengmalm's, Pygmy, Ural Owl: Trnovski gozd, 2nd November
-Caspian Gull: Škocjanski zatok, December

From the above list I excluded the trip to Hungary in May. Overall not a bad year, with actually some of the best sightings ever in my life! I even tried year listing, but had a weak result - 264 species recorded in total.
Hope 2012 will be as good as this year. And for an excellent start a nice week in Norfolk is what I really need!