Monday, 7 November 2011

Update from the patch

Local patch: yesterday I heard a SKYLARK over the garden, as it called flying by (not seen though). It represents the first record of the season for the garden area. A Serin was also of note yesterday.
Today instead the highlight was a LINNET (maybe more than one) that was also heard calling, as it probably flew past. Overall a scarce bird in the garden, recorded mainly just a few times a year. 2 Cormorants on migration flew over the patch at 11.45 this morning, heading east. At the same time a Buzzard was soaring high over the coast. The local Woodpigeon was also seen flying off some private parkland. In the garden, birds included: 2 Blue Tits, 2 Dunnocks (now heard on a daily basis), 5-6 Black Redstarts (predominantly females), +10 Chaffinches (feeding in flock on the ground) and 1 Cirl Bunting (calling somewhere in the nearby garden). Several Red Admirals were still around too, usually basking in the sun.
I also had a quick glimpse on a thrush sp. that flew past too quickly to be correctly identified. Most probably a Song Thrush, but the underwing colour seemed also quite good for Redwing. The mistery unfortunately remains...