Saturday, 19 November 2011

Red-throated Diver score in the patch

Local patch: spent an amazing morning wandering along the coast between Barcola and Miramare, looking for divers and grebes. The RED-THROATED DIVER off the coast of Miramare was still showing well (see pics above). After some minutes of watching, it was joined by a Black-throated Diver and together they frequently dived for short periods. Amazing to have the two species in the same field of view (last pic above). Further down the shore, towards Miramare's castle a second Black-throated Diver was found. In the small bay where the Shags usually roost on the rocks, a superb RED-NECKED GREBE was also showing well and close (pics below). Probably the same bird from a week ago. A Water Pipit flew overhead (heard only).
Red-necked Grebe with some brown still visible on the neck and a striking yellow base to the bill:

Few kilometres away, on the sea in front of Barcola I managed to found yet another Black-throated Diver (below) and a second RED-THROATED DIVER.

Total so far:
2 Red-throated Divers
3 Black-throated Divers
1 Red-necked Grebe

Still no sign of any Great Crested or Black-necked Grebes on the sea (by far the commonest species in winter).

However not too bad for a morning in my local area. It is also the first time I see more that one Red-throated Diver in the patch (which is usually the scarcer of the two regular species here). It seems a good year for divers in general. At least here.