Sunday, 20 November 2011

Frosty forest

Yet again another trip to the Trnovski gozd (Trnovo forest) in nearby Slovenia. That's already the third time I visit the area this year and actually concentrated exclusively in autumn. The situation today was a bit different from the previous times: all very quiet in the forest, maybe also due to the rigid temperatures. Just after 17.00 pm we reached -4 degrees C! The more shaded places (especially grasslands and woodland clearings) were all covered in a hoary frost. The ice spectacle was particularly pleasant on the bottom of Smrekova Draga, probably one of the coldest places in the area (see pics above). Even some feeding holes of Black Woodpeckers were frozen over (last pic).
Birds seen during the course of the day included the common forest species: 1 Buzzard, 1 Mistle Thrush, mixed parties of Coal, Crested and Willow Tits, Goldcrest, a few Eurasian Treecreepers, 2-3 Bullfinches, 1 singing Crossbill and a Raven.
In the evening not much Ural Owl activity either, with just 3 birds heard singing (one while still light). At dusk also a Tengmalm's Owl revealed its present with a high-pitched call.
A female RED DEER was of interest near Smrečje, grazing on a woodland clearing in the evening. Some Edible Dormice were still around too and a Roe Deer was "flushed" from the roadside.
That's it for this time!