Sunday, 9 October 2011

Vis migging & sailboating

Local patch: sunny morning spent vis migging on the neighbour's terrace, while witnessing to one of the biggest sailing regattas in Europe (Barcolana - pics above). As every year, a good passage of Woodpigeons was quite entertaining too. The total score is 361 birds, in different flocks that passed overhead between 10.50 and 11.40 am. That's quite a lot for the area. Another highlight was a KINGFISHER darting over the sea, few metres from the coast. I saw it from my bedroom, when I started to scan the sea. The species is quite regular on the coast in winter, but seeing one from home is another matter!
Apart from the Woodpigeons, there was a passage of Chaffinches (flying past a bit everywhere over the horizon) and a Grey Wagtail was also flying over "coastal Barcola". 2 Buzzards soaring overhead for the whole morning, along with a hunting Sparrowhawk. The first returning Dunnocks in the gardens were also of interest. Otherwise quite calm, with lots of Robins, some Chiffchaffs and a Short-toed Treecreeper.
While I was busy scanning the sailboats, a MEDITERRANEAN GULL flew into scope view: a nice adult in winter plumage.