Monday, 5 September 2011

LOCAL PATCH - back to its old glory!

Local patch: the seasonal rain showers today brought some truly interesting migrants in the garden. Only the second ever record for the area - an ICTERINE WARBLER, was present this morning feeding and fly-catching on a cherry tree. Probably an immature with quite bright yellow underparts, visible white wing-panel, grey-bluish legs and overall slim, elongated shape. Back in spring 2008 I had the first Icterine Warbler for the area... and until now no other records.

Almost at the same time a female/imm COMMON WHITETHROAT was sitting on the cherry tree too (photo above)! It then moved to a cypress and continued to feed there for some time. A common migrant (and breeding bird) all around the country, but quite scarce here in the patch (just another record...back in 2009, if I remember well).

Not much else actually but by now there should be the seasonal Garden Warblers and Lesser Whitethroats around too.

Yesterday 2 MUTE SWANS flying over the sea were of interest, along with Nuthatch calling, Cirl Bunting in the garden and a small flock of Swallows.