Wednesday, 3 August 2011

No Eleonora's... but moths instead

I spent the last two days trying to catch sight of a reported Eleonora's Falcon on the Duino's cliffs, but without success. The bird was seen both on Monday morning (11.40) and yesterday morning (6.30). Due to the heat, very few bird activity in the area: 3-4 juv Common Terns, 6-8 Sardinian Warblers (also seen), 13 Common Eiders on the sea, usual Jackdaws on Duino's castle, 1 Cormorant flying SE, a total of 10-12 Common Sandpipers on the rocks at sea level, 4-5 male Blue Rock Thrushes and a quite dull Dalmatian Algyroides. Of interest was an Olive Bee Hawkmoth (Hemaris croatica), hovering from flower to flower in the sunshine light.

Local patch: on Sunday evening a Convolvulus Hawk-moth was of interest (pic above) and on Monday 2 Woodpigeons circled around the house a few times. This is probably the only record of the species in the area, outside the main migration periods (when I see flocks flying high overhead).