Wednesday, 31 August 2011

GOSHAWK & juvenile Honey Buzzard

Local patch: an adult GOSHAWK this morning, soaring over the pine woodland... being one of the few (irregular) records for the area. Later also 1 Common Buzzard and a group of 6 unidentified raptors - either Honey or Common Buzzards, soaring in the thermal, quite high and very far away.

Earlier in the morning a nice juvenile Honey Buzzard was soaring over Barcola, just in front of my window. Overall very dark bird (chocolate-brown) with bright yellow bill-base, but distinctive Honey Buzzard-styled flight and shape.

This evening at 22.25 a Scops Owl gave some short views, while perched on the wires in front of my house. It must have been one of the local juveniles, wandering around in the neighbourhood. It's been quite a long time from the last one seen in my area - usually just heard on a daily basis.

On Sunday evening also a female Pied Flycather at Monte Grisa.

Note: the above picture shows a juvenile Goshawk from Mount Nanos