Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pratincole dip...with year-ticks

Today I tried to catch sight of a Collared Pratincole, but dipped. The bird was seen at Isola della Cona nature reserve...and I was there about one hour later. Unfortuantely it disappeared (only on passage probably) so I missed it. This is probably the last "easy" (kind of) species I still lack...
Anyway I got some year ticks that included: 2 Temminck's Stints, +6 BLACK TERNS (fishing frenetically in the freshwater marsh), 1 SQUACCO HERON, 1 female LITTLE BITTERN (seen briefly in flight), +3 LITTLE TERNS (fishing at the river Isonzo's estuary actually). Other interesting birds in the area were: mixed flock (quite big) of Sand Martins and Swallows, Black-winged Stilts, 6 Common Redshanks, several Spotted Redshanks (breeding plumage), Wood Sands & Ruffs, 1 WHISKERED TERN (fishing with the other Black Terns), 1 Sacred Ibis (the usual one), Greenshank, 2-3 singing Great Reed Warblers, 10 Spoonbills (see pics)...and on the estuary several Common Terns, flocks of Dunlins, some Curlews, 2 Grey Plovers (in perfect breeding plumage), 3 Black Terns and an adult Mediterranean Gull.

Later at Valle Cavanata another year-tick, that was perhaps also the highlight of the day: 2 AVOCETS feeding in the "lagoon" (see pic below). Also some usual waders including Common and Spotted Redshanks, plus a Purple Heron flying past.