Thursday, 30 September 2010

Red Deer galore!

Yesterday's afternoon/evening was spent "deer-watching" in the Cansiglio forest (on the FVG-Veneto border - north-east Italy). The main attraction were the bellowing RED DEERS (at least some hundreds in the whole evening). Some grazing in the wooded areas, but mainly coming out of cover in the late afternoon/evening. In one small valley at least 7-8 belling stags at one time (see the pics & video above). Another video here.
In the area we also spotted: at first a nice male FALLOW DEER (with quite nice antlers) sitting on the grass some 20 meters from us and then a whole group of females and youngsters (about 10).
At dusk also a Red Fox appeared out of the forest.
The birds in the area included: an unexpected Great Egret (in upland area-1100 m above sea level!) 4-5 Honey Buzzards, 1 Sparrowhawk (hunting in the semi-darkness), 1 Tawny Owl (heard), a big flock of House Martins, Dunnock, Wren, Whinchat, Mistle Thrush, varoius tits, Bullfinch, Crossbill.

Local patch:
yesterday I also heard the first Siskins flying overhead, with the usual Coal Tits present in the gardens and a new species of moth for the area: a Scarce Silver-lines.