Monday, 23 August 2010

A load of migrants + local stuff

Quite productive morning spent in the Lisert wetland (GO), with the most interesting migrants being: one WRYNECK, lots of Common Nightingales (frequently calling/allarming), at least 3 Northern Wheatears on the barbed wires, a nice load of GARDEN WARBLERS (being the commonest species), one 1st w. COMMON WHITETHROAT, several Reed Warblers, an ICTERINE WARBLER up in the poplar trees, 5-8 WOOD WARBLERS, 4-5 Spotted Flycatchers and a single female PIED FLYCATCHER.
Icterine Warbler:

Northern Wheatear:

Spotted Flycatcher:

In the marshy area also:
Pintail: 1 f
FERRUGINOUS DUCK: 2 eclipse males/imm. (pic below)
Purple Heron: 1
Marsh Harrier: 1f
Water Rail: 1 singing
Tree Pipit: overflying on migration
Red-backed Shrike
Golden Oriole

The best butterfly sighting were two LESSER PURPLE EMPERORS (pic below).

By-the-way sighting: a Honey Buzzard was soaring above Kontovel/Napoleonica road (TS) this morning at 7.25 am.

Local patch: early in the morning some TREE PIPITS were flying overhead on migration (calls heard).