Saturday, 1 May 2010

Cerkniško jezero (SLO): raptors & co.

Today at the Cerknica lake in the nearby Slovenia: Shoveler, Garganey, Bittern (1 heard), White Stork (the nesting pair), SHORT-TOED EAGLE (1 low-flying above the fields near Martinjak), BLACK KITE (1 flying with falcons sp. - see below), Marsh Harrier (1 f), RED-FOOTED FALCON (a mixed flock of at least 25 birds flying together, mostly females, but males too), HOBBY (some ind. in the mixed falcon-flock), Curlew (heard), Hoopoe, Grey-headed Woodpecker (1 heard), Wryneck (1 heard), Skylark, Tree Pipit, Yellow Wagtail (all ssp. cinereocapilla), Grey Wagtail, Whinchat, Fieldfare (seen some times around the lake + 1 occupied nest found near Dolenje jezero!), Common Whitethroat (singing a bit everywhere in bushy areas of the lake), Sedge Warbler (at least 7 singing in the same area!), Coal Tit (nest found in an old vole's hole on the ground; just at the lying the eggs!! - see the pic below), Linnet, COMMON ROSEFINCH (1 only heard singing twice), Reed Bunting, Yellowhammer.
Short-toed Eagle:

Sedge Warbler:

Female Red-footed Falcon:

Yellow Wagtail:

The Fieldfare in the nest:

White Stork:

The Coal Tit's nest hole on the ground:

At the nearby Planina a pair of White Storks has built the nest on a chimney in the village (see pic below). Also some Corn Buntings singing in the surrounding fields.

Near Postojna (viadukt-below the motorway) the local pairs of Crag Martins have settled their nests.

Local patch: today I checked a hole in a wall and discovered, that is occupied by a pair of Great Tits. The chicks are already born and the adults are regularly bringing the food to the nest.