Thursday, 29 April 2010

Woodchat Shrike twitch

Late in the morning I jumped in the car and ran to Campo Carri, near Banne (TS), where a female Woodchat Shrike was reported, few hours before. When I arrived I instantly started to scan the open grassland. And there it was: my first ever *WOODCHAT SHRIKE*, sitting on a low pine-tree, basking in the hot spring sun. It was quite difficult to approach, so the photos are bad-quality ones. Anyway I watched it flying from a perch to another and catching insects for a while, then it disappeared. In the area of interest also: Tawny Pipit (1), Northern Wheatear (1 m and 1 f), Short-toed Eagle (1 soaring and hovering high above the Karst-somewhere near Orlek-SLO), Linnet and this year's first RED-BACKED SHRIKE (a nice male).
Woodchat Shrike (by DomenS):