Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter photoreport

Easter day morning spent on the Karst, mainly digiscoping. On the moors near Pesek-Bazovica (TS) very little bird movement: few Skylarks, many Woodlarks, two Linnets and one singing Yellowhammer (see the pics).
At the famous woodpecker's hot-spot ("Picus-land") all the local species seen, some photographed well: LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER (male and female excavating the nest hole), Black Woodpecker (m and f entering the nest-hole + another one calling), Green Woodpecker, GS Woodepcker, GREY-HEADED WOODPECKER (1 male showing well + another one calling far), Marsh Tit (very territorial - courtship), Mistle Thrush, Nuthatch (building the nest) and a single Swallow flew past.

Black Woodpecker feeding - video here!
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker excavating the nest - video here!

Grey-headed Woodpecker:

Black Woodpecker (the last one is a female):

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker:


Pictures also here:
Grey-headed Wood
Grey-headed Wood
Grey-headed Wood
Black Wood