Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cuckoos, Wrynecks and "pond affairs"

White Wagtail (by DomenS)

This afternoon I was greeted by some new spring arrivals on the Slovenian Karst. In the areas between Štorje and Dobravlje (Sežana - SLO) I recorded: the year's first Cuckoos (1 also seen in flight), Mistle Thrush, WRYNECK (1 singing at Dobravlje and 1 at Štorje - year's first), Swallow, Cirl Bunting, Song Thrush (singing), Willow Warbler (1 seen near Kazlje), Corn Bunting (1 singing at Štorje - year's first), Serin.
In Dobravlje's local pond also: many Common Newts, some Great Crested Newts (lifer!) of the carnifex ssp., 3 Great Diving Beetles (lifer too!), some Edible Frogs and many frogspawns - probably belonging to red frogs.

Here are some macro pics of two beetles photographed yesterday at Isola della Cona: