Saturday, 6 March 2010

The first Alpine Swift!

Today after a nice afternoon, exploring the Karst plateau, I headed to the cliffs of Monte Grisa - Kontovel (TS) where I found my first ALPINE SWIFT of the year! The bird came in fast flight from north-west, flew past the cliffs and disappeared to the east (at 5.47 pm). That was the only sight of the bird in the whole probably it was just on migration. Anyway I think it's a quite early record for the species. Certainly it's my earliest sight of this species in the season.

Always from the same place, I spotted 8 migrating Mute Swans, flying above the Gulf of Trieste and heading east. In the nearby pine wood, the usual Crested Tits were giving its calls.

From the road between Zgonik and Repnič (TS) I also heard some singing Woodlarks.

Despite the cold weather...the spring blow isn't stopping!