Saturday, 13 March 2010

Song Thrushes in the garden and Alpine Swift

One of the two Ravens (by DomenS)

Local patch: today in the patch I recorded a few times a Song Thrush (or two?) feeding on a lawn in a vineyard. I suppose they use that area for feeding regularly these days. It was giving some nice views (quite uncommon for a migrating Song Thrush here!). Always in the same place some Black Redstarts feeding around the vineyards (especially some nice gibraltarensis forms).
In the afternoon I quickly visited Monte Grisa (Kontovel-TS) and discovered a few nice things: an Alpine Swift (probably the one from last week) flying around frenetically, two Ravens, a Rock Bunting and on the sea (in the middle of the gulf) about a hundred ducks in flock; probably Gadwalls or Wigeons. They were too far for an accurate ID.